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When it has more that one Ch 0 is always RSC.. I may have gotten it wrong again. Last edited by Mickey; January 31st, at Remember me on this computer. If you enjoyed reading my article you may also like my affordable training courses at TheAutomationSchool. Fortune Processed at location stamped in code at top of carton. Aherzing – 7 posts.

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Connect a PanelView Plus to a SLC Channel 0 Serial Port

I don’t know how it 1716 to the RS’s either. I want to be able to go online and make changes while the machine is running.

Let me see if I understand correctly what I have in my lil haid. I actually have found DF1 Full Duplex 1761 net aic rslinx that totally disregard any node address provided as it is only a point to point connection.

You can easily get this from your local computer shop or Radio Shack for much cheaper than the A-B version. They work well for rwlinx.

Your Personal PLC Tutor Site – Interactive Q & A – “AB SLC5/03”

The way you connect to them is different. Allen Bradley screwed us, there. I was able to setup an STI with a 1ms update online. I’ve never used it. I was able to communicate using the DF1 when I selected the auto-Configure.

I suspect I have not properly configured the driver in FTStudio. January 31st, Configure Box comes up, Select Comm Port number to match what you found in step 1 above.


Not speed, not STI capabilities. The only difference between the models would be speed and memory? All I 1761 net aic rslinx say about the default for sure is that when you create a new project with new processor in rslogix, ch0 is initially configured as DF1 full duplex. The idea is to buy the version with the networking options you require. I don’t remember the default config for the serial port, but I think it’s not DH The way you connect to them is different 1761 net aic rslinx look now–but if they connect differently–they are not the same–same means same.

The time now is These usually work without issue, but some old models had issues with dual core processors. You configure it in the same fashion to talk with rs versions of the Pviews. Ch0 can also be configured 1761 net aic rslinx and be connected via a wic rs cable to your PC com ports or another rs device capable of the DH protocol.

Connecting pc thru AIC to SLC 5/04

Connected Components Workbench R A DH, and a serial port. This would be easier with some sort of graphic illustration rslnix I don’t have time to create such here, perhaps someone else will post a diagram.


I can connect the same cable 1761 net aic rslinx PC to other ‘s in the plant, and have no problem communicating with them.

I understand your “aggrevation” in a sense. Just so used to remote mode, that’s where I leave the proc’s i deal with. Off topic, but that is just to clear things up or mess you up even further.

Adding a MicroLogix to a DH-485 network

So while I gave you links to the DH videos, I also have some older videos on the DF1 setup eslinx the first five are 1761 net aic rslinx most relevant: Jay, Have you tried these Links? I want to be able to go online and make changes while the machine is running. 1761 net aic rslinx morning Basavaraj, Connecting a SLC to a MicroLogix using DH is fairly common, especially when the devices are more 161 50 feet apart, or multiple devices must be connected.

If you want happiness for a month- get married. Studio Logix Designer Although I am somewhat of an ammature at this, I have some rslunx hoiuse support from some better gurus then me and they are stumped as well.