The technology is efficient and inherently secure, using light to transmit pixel-for-pixel images, audio, and control signals. Display DTP Systems A versatile range of products designed to support long distance signal transmission over shielded twisted pair cable in AV switching environments. Permit long distance distribution of RGB video, composite video, stereo audio, and RS over twisted pair cable. Please enter a value from Once again, distance depends on the selected transmission technology.

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IP Link Control Processors. TouchLink Touchpanels Customizable touchpanels in sizes from 3. Interconnect equipment in AV systems to accommodate different applications. How are they used? extron line

Switchers Extron line to multiple computer, video and audio sources and route the selected signal to one output device. Please enter a valid extron line address. Commercial AV presentation system designs utilizing SDI standards run the gamut from venue-driven installations with a limited number of devices to comprehensive operations centers with a vast number of sources, displays, and satellite locations.

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The VGA extenders and line drivers are ideal for applications that require high performance routing of computer-video and audio extron line. Our products play a vital role in creating effective information exgron systems for diverse environments ranging from extron line, huddle spaces, and university lecture halls to simulation facilities, large-scale entertainment venues, and command-and-control centers.

USB switchers, hubs, and other products designed for easy integration in professional AV applications. A computer-video interface ensures computer-video signals can be displayed on large-screen projectors or monitors. Flexible, reliable systems that support multi-format switching and management of local and extron line AV devices.


Connect to multiple computer, extron line and audio sources and route the selected signal to one output device. Extenders and line drivers are needed to extend digital or analog signals far beyond the standard limitation of the source signal. It is connected into a Dante network over Ethernet using standard IP networking protocols. USB extenders are specifically engineered for professional AV applications to enable remote operation of USB peripheral devices over extreme linr.

These extfon can be used as point-to-point solutions or integrated with a extron line and distribution system to extend inputs or outputs to remote locations. They are available in modular and stand-alone form factors. The extenders are available in a variety of form factors that can be mixed and matched for ease of integration, including Decorator-Style Wall Mount, AAP – Architectural Adapter Plate, and stand-alone units.

Available as multimode or singlemode models, Extron line extenders are ideal for extron line that linne long haul transmission of high resolution DisplayPort signals.

Graphics and video processing for videowalls with display arrays from two to 28 screens and extron line. Signals sent via fiber are also inherently secure, extron line fiber-based transmission the preferred choice in government, military, and medical applications.

Extenders & Line Drivers | Extron

Designed primarily for communication between a computer and display device, DisplayPort technology supports data rates up to Transmitter and receiver pairs facilitate long distance transmission of HDMI signals via twisted pair or fiber optic cabling.


A versatile range of products designed extron line support long extron line signal extron line over shielded twisted pair cable in AV switching environments. What type of signal needs to be extended: Wireless Products for AV signal extension and distribution where a cable infrastructure is a challenge or simply not an option. Digital cable equalizers and signal regenerators ensure signal integrity over long cable runs.

AV Line Drivers & Extenders

A versatile range of products designed to support long distance signal transmission over shielded twisted pair cable in AV switching extron line. Send me a copy. Thank you for visiting our redesigned website. The HDMI extenders are ideal for a wide range of applications requiring long distance transmission of high resolution content with the highest quality. Are available in specific or custom lengths and are equipped with a variety of video, audio, and control connectors.

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