Horizontal detail was pretty sharp and free of artifacts, but in the vertical direction, the camera responded poorly to fine lines stacked atop each other, producing an unusually large amount of color moire in the fine patterns of the test target. This modular set of editing controls hopes to improve your photo editing workflow — for a price. With the instruction manual, it shouldn’t take much more than a half-hour to an hour for the average user to become familiar with the camera. This technology includes advanced white balance and exposure processing that ensures pictures taken in virtually any situation are of outstanding quality, resulting in no orange or green casts from improper lighting, and virtually no poorly exposed pictures. Its 2X optical zoom lens is protected by a metal disk that slides out of the way when the camera is turned on, allowing the lens to motor automatically into position. High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important.

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Although I wasn’t too bothered kodak dx4900 the all-plastic body of theI have to say that the memory card compartment door felt pretty flimsy.

Kodak DX4900 Review

Nikon has posted a cinematic new teaser video featuring what appears to be its forthcoming mirrorless camera. Kodak’s aggressive pricing is the icing on the cake: Digital kodak dx4900 claimed to have a patented and “unique kodak dx4900 interpolation and edge-sharpening algorithm “.

The DX performed well here, capturing a macro area of just 3. Macro Shot Standard Kodak dx4900 Shot. The camera has no movie mode ddx4900 no sound; it’s strictly a still camera.


Kodak EasyShare DX4900 4.0MP Digital Camera – Silver

Great resolution and color, but exposure that’s good for midtones loses highlight details. The “high” option behaved very oddly though, kodak dx4900 the exposure to a much darker level and producing a lot of noise in the kofak.

Jul 18, sample gallery. kodak dx4900

Great resolution and detail, though again trouble with too-coarse exposure compensation adjustments. I’ve received a number of requests from readers to kodak dx4900 shots showing the lens focal length range of those cameras with zoom lenses.

The Auto white balance resulted in the most accurate overall color, as kodak dx4900 Daylight setting was reddish. During this time, photographers can submit lodak images via a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Has three metering modes unspecified. In normal Record mode, the kodak dx4900 and right arrows control the optical and digital zoom. Skip to main content. In Need of a Face Lift. Optical distortion on the DX is very low kodak dx4900 the wide-angle end, as I measured only 0. Click on sx4900 thumbnail to see the full-size photo.

NEWS! – Kodak announces DX digital camera!

The memory card compartment door has small ribs on it to make opening it a little easier you can hook a nail in one and pulland slides outward before kodak dx4900 to reveal the CompactFlash card. Palette modular photo editing system. Nikon teases kodak dx4900 with video and microsite. For framing your shots, the DX has both a real-image optical viewfinder and 1. Camera works well Camera in good working order; can’t beat the price.


A small, rubbery flap snaps over the connector compartment, covering the USB and Video Out kodak dx4900 when not in use. Three user-selectable sharpness modes sharp, normal and soft.

A sliding plastic cover protects the dock jack when not in use. These are the winners of the iPhone Dx400 Awards.

Digital Cameras – Kodak DX Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Both the Auto and Incandescent white balance settings kodak dx4900 nearly accurate but slightly warm results, though I decided the Auto setting had the most accurate color balance. In Kidak mode, all four arrows can be used to scroll through captured images on the card. Kodak designed the DX to fit into kodxk optional EasyShare camera dock, which provides quick uploading to your computer, rechargeable batteries kodak dx4900 a kodak dx4900, and very easy photo printing.

For its price, the dx delivers good images and a basic set of features.

You kodak dx4900 also like. To the DX’s merit, no exposure twiddling was required. Just beneath the Four Way Kocak pad, this button selects menu items in the LCD menu system, kodak dx4900 confirms menu settings.

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