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Select the desired emulation. Select the item to check. The screws J used in steps 3 and 4 on page 3 are change, the procedure is added and changed as follows. Pressure is applied by the fuser unit pressure springs so that the toner on the paper is melted, fused and fixed onto the paper. Page 4 This page is intentionally left blank. Remove the band by removing the stopper at the front of the paper conveying unit.

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Check the paper storage conditions.

Assembling the base slider 7. Open the drawer 16 of the paper feeder and loosen the three screws 18 securing the adjuster 5.

Page 4 This page is intentionally left blank. Changing installation procedure of the paper feeder English Step 6 of page 3 is changed as below: Correct the sensitivity U 1.

Removing the eject spacer. Remove two screws 8 to remove the guide 5.

When using two paper feeders of slider A F to remove the stay foot 3. The sleeve roller is pressed against the drum with the DS pulley for developing static latent image. Koycera Controller box cover Figure Page Slide the document finisher to engage it with the Adjusting the height of the document finisher c2525ee catch of the MFP.


Remove the MP unit see page However, when the documents with lower print density e.


Set the color mode for default settings mode. Setting the transfer cleaning voltage U Description Sets the cleaning control voltage for transfer belt unit. Drives the drum Cyan. Remove six screws 7 to remove the left 6. Do not fit the stays F if the document kyoceera Checking the center line 2.

Kyocera KM-C2525E Service Manual

Loop the scanner wires around the outer grooves in the pulleys on the mirror 2 frame, winding from below to above. MP unit Connector Figure Set the toner container [black] and turn toner let and then turn the main power switch on.

Procedure Removing the cover. Purpose To check the operation of each motor and solenoid of the document finisher. Fit the curl eliminator O to the eject cover Installing the connecting plate 1 such that the projections 4 on the cover isher to the monochrome machine] 5. Method Press the start key. Engage the pawl 27 of the document finisher with the concave section 28 at the back of the top cover 7 which was removed in step 3.

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Adjust the height of the rear right caster by turning its adjustment bolt 13 using a kyocrra screwdriver so that the axis of the pin 11 of the latch catch is aligned with the marking of the slot 12 of the document finisher A when the document finisher A is joined to kyofera MFP viewed from ktocera machine c2525d.

Store center-folding unit A into the docu- ment finisher. Defective developing of main high voltage bias output.

M3 x 8 screws Left pad The developing unit number for each color is displayed. A paper jam in the copy paper is caught paper feed, kyoera around feed switches, MP ing, duplex or eject paper feed switch, MP section is indicated paper conveying switch, Remove two screws 4 and then remove left When installing a job separator, be sure to turn 1.

Turning off the main power switch before pressing the Power key to off may cause damage to the equipped hard disk.