Overall, it would be hard to overemphasize the impact the Digital ICE technology could have in a production scanning environment: While Nikon doesn’t report many scanning times for the Super Coolscan ED as compared to the ED and Coolscan IV , we’re concerned that the times we measured were so much longer than those claimed by Nikon seconds vs seconds for a full-frame 6×7 scan. For professional applications, ICC profiles and a robust color-management system are essential for repeatable color and an efficient workflow. To be sure, film grain is more evident at a full dpi, but in examining the resulting image files, it’s clear that there’s also noticeably more image detail present as well. The Nikon is capable of producing truly excellent scans. Since we don’t have any methodology for evaluating color-management systems, we didn’t experiment with Nikon Scan’s color management options. We’re not really equipped to delve deeply into CMS systems here, but did note that the scans we obtained with the Apple RGB setting were much more color-accurate and didn’t lose detail in highly-saturated colors the way scans in the sRGB system did.

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When the Pref button is clicked, the window below appears. Two appreciated design features of the holder are rubberized edge strips that nicely hold the film in place during loading, and a sliding mechanism that applies tension nikon super coolscan 8000 film, stretching it width-wise to reduce buckling and improve nikkn focusing accuracy.

Nikon Super CoolScan ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

Any Condition Any Condition. This option is particularly valuable if you need to make substantial adjustments to tone or color after the scan is captured.

A very complete manual is included on the packaged Nikon super coolscan 8000, in Adobe Acrobat tm format, but the ED also includes a roughly page printed version as well.


Preview Settings – This is where you can either gain or lose large amounts of time in your use of the Coolscan IV! As mentioned earlier, the various media adapters can be plugged and unplugged with impunity at any nikkon the ED isn’t actually scanning.

Nikon – Luminous Landscape

8000 fit is so tight that I was really quite fearful that I was going to break them when closing. The ED’s performance does appear to easily exceed that of scanners we’ve used in the past which were rated at a Dmax of 3.

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The Super Coolscan ED doesn’t benefit as much from Digital Ckolscan as do its smaller brothers, but the end result is much improved, with lots of fine detail preserved. The Software Foolscan scanning software, Nikon Scan 3. A full-resolution bit scan of our Train slide took only 52 seconds in 1x mode, but 7 minutes, 30 seconds in 16x mode. May 29, By Kevin Raber.

We boosted the coolscna gain setting almost to nikon super coolscan 8000 maximum in the case of negative scanning, this actually cuts the brightness of the LEDsand managed to obtain a very good scan.

Fine is for use with very shper defects, but affects image sharpness more. I decided to res-down the Nikon scans for my nikon super coolscan 8000 comparisons but I also referred to the original dpi scan when subjectively evaluating resolution.

Nikon rates the maximum optical density capability of the ED as 4.

The scanning software, Nikon Scan 3. If you are running a PC that does not have a Firewire card, you will have to install one.

The “analog gain” control can be very useful for teasing out details from deep shadows and dark, plugged-up slides or negatives.

Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 ED Film Scanners

Exposed and developed for maximum resolution, this is a very “thin” emulsion, to the point that we found the default scanner settings just poured way too much light through nikon super coolscan 8000. The above are the test scans. Applying ckolscan full power involves a substantial learning curve, and can require some patience, but the results easily exceed anything we’ve yet nikon super coolscan 8000 from any desktop scanner apart from its little brother, the 35mm-only Super Coolscan ED.


It ships with supeg film holders; mounted 35mm, 35mm film strip ni,on roll film. Values in between the extremes are stretched to cover the range specified. The maximum resolution of the ED is dpi, resulting in a maximum image size of 3, x 5, pixels when scanning 35mm film.

We found that it was essential to turn off many of the pre-preview options in the scanning software, in order to get good throughput.

Here’s what the different controls do:. The dpi stepper motor only has 90 nikon super coolscan 8000 of travel, just like the SprintScan January 17, By Kevin Raber. The Archive Suite combines scanner and digital imaging software in a cost-effective package. While working on our difficult “Train” standard test images, we discovered that the highlight values in the image saturated at RGB values less than Overall, the Super Coolscan ED looks like an nikon super coolscan 8000 tool for professional photographers or design houses who work with a range of film formats.

The main control panel, showing an image preview. Excellent and powerful bikon Again, both above and in the linked larger images, no sharpening, colour correction or other manipulations have been done.