Fuji Velvia soon eclipsed it in resolution and could be processed locally in regular E-6 mini-machines. It advertises 10, PPI, but that grossly exaggerates its capability. Kramer Mountain, Bavarian Alps by www. Hamburg at its best by www. As an old guy, I miss that. The file is just four times the size on disk. However, you have to scan at PPI to get the

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Revueflex AC2, slide film I have not yet received my Stereo Realist film back from The Darkroom.

I believe it was from a Kodak Stereo camera that reflecta proscan 4000 had three-element lenses, but still good quality for a three-element lens. Solitude I by www.

The Big Escape by www. I do not have any 35mm slides here in Florida, away from my home. We took fewer pictures, trying to stretch resources, but some are reflecta proscan 4000 frivolous. These recently uploaded Kodachrome pictures have no artistic value. Reflections on Hamburg by www. History will be lost.


Reflecta ProScan Specs – CNET

Kramer Mountain, Bavarian Alps reflecta proscan 4000 www. They were just uploaded to be representative of consumer Kodachrome picture recording during about 70 of the 75 years that Kodachrome was commercially available to the public.

Painting with Light by www. Also unlike modern slide films which use chemical energy to reverse the negative image, Kodachrome used filtered lights to re-expose within the processing machine.

Reflecta ProScan 4000 Dia & Filmscanner

Tags reflecta ProScan scanner. Explore Trending More More. Most color films had all the color in the film. Happy New Year to all of you! Like the Stereo Reflecta proscan 4000, it would advance the film so that on the exposed reel, the two views would have two other views between them.

It also does not have a Kodachrome setting.

Please update to get the most out of Flickr. Fuji Velvia soon eclipsed it in resolution and could be processed locally in regular E-6 mini-machines.

It does seem to focus well and has as much actual resolution as the Nikon This photo was taken with a Kodak Stereo camera. The film is reflecta proscan 4000 and reflecta proscan 4000 view underexposed.


Scotland – Highlands by www. I have uploaded the scan to Flickr. Snow Bunny by www.

I also can confirm that scanning at 10, PPI only produces a larger file with no more information. Kodachrome was so much more colorful to boot. Leica M4-P with M-Rokkor 40mm f2. I also have tested many scanners with the same test slide the German site uses. Grain reflecta proscan 4000 refleca new rockstar reflecta proscan 4000 www. Marco Polo Tower by www. Kodachrome was my favorite film.