And the Vortex 2 hardware is clearly technically superior. With the geometry features turned off, A3D might become a significant multiplayer advantage, since the “X-ray ears” effect you get lets you know in advance what direction things are happening in, even if there are walls in the way. Give Dan some money! Games and other software can hook into DirectSound 3D and tell it where a sound is to be placed, how loud it is, how it changes with distance, whether it’s directional, and so on. Things are further complicated by the fact that when you’re faking an audio environment with, say, four speakers, the aim of the exercise is to feed the speakers the right signal to reproduce at the listener’s ear’oles more or less the right combination of direct and “reflected” sound. But you probably don’t. You also get a demo of the Digital Orchestrator Pro package, for audio recording to hard disk.

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Customised cards, though, are different. There are three classes of user that should look into a better sound card: The Quadzilla package also has an “Audio by Turtle Beach” sticker, to satisfy the Datsubishi Grapefruit Racing Team types turtle beach asc338 can’t use any product unless they also get to advertise it. Each simultaneously played note takes up one voice, so a six-note chord, for instance, uses six voices; if there’s a snare drum and turtle beach asc338 cymbal crash at the same time, that’s another two.

Most people can settle for fewer plugs and sockets, and that’s where the various Aureal Vortex and Turtle beach asc338 2 chipset sound cards come in. When you’re playing single-player, turning on 32 bit rendering and maximum quality everything and 3D sound helps you lose yourself in the game, the star of your own little studio-quality movie. Turtle beach asc338 you’ve only got a two channel Montego or Montego II, though, there’s a lot to be said for the reference drivers.

MIDI for game music is less popular than it turtle beach asc338 to be, though it persists in games with big musical scores, like Ultima Online and other adventures.


These might be OEM cards, but they still come with the standard manual, which is well written and comprehensive. The OEM Montegos are a good buy – this is not one of those situations where the new gear comes out a week after you buy the older model, leaving you kicking yourself. The more frantic the action, the more sounds the system will have to deal with as well, so the sound load scales pretty turtle beach asc338 with the graphics load.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface, the standard protocol for hooking together electronic instruments.

Different driver versions work, or don’t work, in drastically different ways; games that allegedly support one or another positional audio standard actually don’t do it properly, or at turtle beach asc338 “fixes” to positional audio problems simply involve turning it off, and so on.

If you’re just after hey-wow fun, of course, and have a resilient enough self-image that getting trampled by people with fewer fancy turtle beach asc338 turned on isn’t a problem for you, then by all means use A3D and every other option you like in multiplayer.

If you want to be a winner in a multiplayer game, though, everything that slows down your response times is a handicap.

For plain stereo applications, the Montego cards sound great, but then so does every other decent card on the market. The smallness of the MIDI format makes it turtle beach asc338 for whole new scores to be squirted down the phone line in seconds, and huge amounts of music can be used in a game without using monstrous amounts of space for digitised samples.

The size of the sound banks you can load is only limited by your RAM. In a nutshell, the Aureal boards sound better, but use rather more CPU time.

You can’t have turrtle than 16 A3D 2. Using A2D can elevate the CPU load from large to enormous, but not necessarily; it can use Turtle beach asc338 3D hardware, if it’s present, and not elevate the CPU load at all, unless it’s asked to do things the hardware can’t handle, like reflections.


What type of sound card is this?

Each effect has a configurable level, as well. They work turtle beach asc338 with the Montego and Montego II. Watch list is full. There’s a microphone input, a turtle beach asc338 input and a line output, which can be pressed into service as a headphone connector as well but doesn’t have the grunt to drive speakers. You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing.

Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Positional audio can be done partly or entirely in software – DirectSound 3D implementations commonly do this, when they run out of hardware 3D channels or are running on hardware that has no built-in 3D capability. Two speaker positional audio is, of necessity, a compromise, because the programmers don’t know the specs of the speakers or their location relative to the listener.

Exactly turtle beach asc338 balance of options suits your system depends on the CPU, the graphics card and the game you’re playing, though.

Contact the turtle beach asc338 – opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Add to cart – Best Offer: And the Vortex 2 hardware is clearly technically superior. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details.

Comparison – Voyetra Turtle Beach OEM Montego sound cards

Full digital AC-3 is the way to go, and the only way to get that from your computer to something, like a surround receiver, that can properly decode it turtle beach asc338 via a digital connector. High end sound turtle beach asc338, like high end video cards, get cheaper all the time, but the next Great Leap forward is far enough away that it’s a no more than normally financially foolish idea to buy a Montego now.

And you’ll have to re -check the box every time you restart your PC, because it doesn’t stay checked.